We are four friends that met during Uni.  Tom, 28, cat owner. Larry, 26, dog-and cat owner.  Beatrice, 27, cat owner. Sara, 29, horse owner. Yes, we do all own pets. One night after a few coctails we decided to make a site where people can go to when they want answers to questions about pets.
Today we have plenty of readers and we are delighted that you are one of them!




We want you to enjoy this page as much as possible. Please let us know if there is anything that you miss on this page. We want Best Dog Breed For Children to be the best website out there!


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We want pets to feel the best at all times.  That is our goal and for that reason we work hard each day to give pet owners the best infomation on how to treat pets the best possible way. We post newsletter consisting of tips on things you can do in everyday Life that brings joy for both you and your pet.